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Tbilisi Public School # 24, in the city center, Baku, st. # 1 is located. In the building, the World War II period, 1939-1942 years in the military hospital, and after the war, until 1955 Chichiko hall named after the aviation school there. In 1942, the German Embassy in the present premises, available at the 7th school's 13 schools into the 1952 men's and women's 13 schools joining established 24 secondary school, which until 1956 in the same building (the German Embassy's premises) functioned .

Since 1956, the increased requirements and contingent current school building was given. Later added a new wing to the building and assembly hall. School for years of Czech educator John Amos Comenius name. Czech Embassy in Bratislava and close contacts with the school. The school worked with the Czech language learning circle. School Square acts E. Takaishvili church.

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